Start increasing your conversions and click-thrus TODAY by putting the Power of Popups to work on your website. 


If you've been around internet marketing for any time, you're probably already familiar with popups and WordPress popup plugins.

For some time now, marketers and bloggers have been praising these nifty utilities and crediting them with increasing their email opt-ins 100%, 200%, 400%, and more!

That's because popups use motion and placement to grab a reader's attention and focus it on your opt-in offer.  Readers have to take action and, if your offer is appealing, will take the challenge and opt-in to your site.

It's an awesomely powerful tool.  So, answer me this...

You've got this fantastic sales tool that's already proven to work like a dream.  Where marketers have used it for email opt-ins, they've been rewarded with spectacular results.  Popups have proven that they have a unique and awesome power to get your website readers and visitors to stop and take action.

But, while building an email list is important to online marketing success, there are a myriad of other offers that could use the same popup focus.  What if you could get the same attention, focus, and call to action for your:

  • new product sales letters
  • membership subscriptions
  • affiliate links
  • special and limited-time offers
  • banner ads

or any of the dozens of other money-making offers you've got in your marketing arsenal?

Why don't WordPress users use popups to increase click-thrus and conversions for these offers?

Simple answer... because they haven't had a plugin that harnessed the power of popups to grab your reader's attention and LASER focus it on your irresistible offer.

Until now...

wpPOPWizard is the Most Powerful and Flexible WordPress Popup plugin you can buy.

Just so you understand, wpPOPWizard is Powerful and Flexible.  It's not the simplest popup plugin because with simplicity comes reduced function (less power) and  fewer choices (less flexibility).

The power of wpPOPWizard is that it lets you take virtually any HTML as your popup content.  That includes:

  • text formatting
  • css
  • images
  • video
  • flash

Here's a brief list of just some of the things you can do with this amazing plugin.
  • No limit to the number of Popups per site
  • Classic LightBox Popups
  • "Slide" Popups - can be configured as "header" or "footer" popups
  • Hover Popups - for displaying dynamic content to readers
  • Designed to take virtually any valid <body> section HTML
  • Three (3) types of "Hover" popups - choose the one that fits your needs
  • Place popups on specific WordPress pages
  • Integrated, Full-Featured, WYSIWYG HTML editor (ckEditor)
  • Associate Popups with specific Categories - to display on WordPress posts
  • Soft Exit Popups (use both "Classic" and "Slide")
  • Set Popup Start Date and End Date
  • Contol Popup Delay (in seconds)
  • Control "Slide-in" speed (in seconds)
  • Plus a whole lot more!

Here is a preview of one of the video tutorial showing you how to use wpPopWizard.

More click-thrus and more conversions means just one thing - more money in your bank account.  The quicker you get the Power of Popups up and running on your site, the sooner you'll start seeing the cash roll in.

And if you need one more reason... today I'm offering you a chance to get wpPOPWizard at a steal of a price - one that will keep a little more cash in that bank account.  Just how much you save depends on how fast you want this plugin. You see, I'm backing my product 110% and I want you to be happy with your purchase, so I'm putting a price tag on it that reflects 5 important things:

  • Value For Money
  • Quality Of Product
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Product Demand
  • Competition
So for a limited time, I'm selling wpPOPWizard for the ridiculous LOW price of just $97.00!

I don't know how long that price will last.  Today, you can have wpPOPWizard for only $97.00 - tomorrow

All you have to do is click the Add To Cart button below, and pay the CRAZY $97.00 price tag, it's that easy, and it's TOTALLY risk free! Order wpPOPWizard TODAY, and if within 60 days you don't think the package is suitable for you, simply email us and we will gladly refund your money...NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

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To Your Success,

Ken Sar


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